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Company Formation India

Website Name: Company Formation India 
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Name: George 
City: London

What is your website / business about?

Website is about company formation services in India. Those who want to start their business to the promising market of India; we help them to set up their business there.

Entrepreneurs can know every thing that they will need in order to form a company in India and we can also help them with their trademark and patent requirements.

Tell us about the development of your business and website. Where the idea came from, how long did it take and so on?

We have professional experience in company formation, trademark and patent registration services. We had to study the Indian Requirements for company incorporation so it took us around 5 months to establish this website.

The idea came form the personal expertise of one of the owners who had previous hands on experience with company formation, company registration and company incorporation.

What are the most rewarding aspects about your business / website and do you think it was worth the effort?

Most rewarding aspect is that the clients are entrepreneurs and they have more requirements of IT Services that anyone else so we have repeat customers for our different services.

Since we also offer trademark, patent and other related corporate services our clients feel more comfortable to order these services through us since they have already experienced the quality of service.

Where would you like your business to be in five or ten year’s time?

We would like to offer company formation in every country of the world in the next 5 to 10 years. From there we plan to have repeat customers for our services.

To start company formation services in different countries of the world we will have to analyze their company formation requirements and the laws vary from country to country and even several states of the same country.