Complete Business Startup

Website Maintenance

The extent to which a website requires maintenance will depend on several factors including:

The rate of change of the subject areas covered by the site
If the site is focused on say, the history of World War 2, then these pages are unlikely to change at all and thus, maintaining the website will be a rare occurrence. This is unless some new information is presented which changes some facts relating to a specific event which occurred during this time.

At the other end of the spectrum, a site reporting daily news stories will change and be updated numerous times a day.

The expansion of the website
When a business starts up, its website might focus on the core areas associated with its industry. Over time however, as the site becomes more established or perhaps as a result of visitor feedback, the topic coverage might extend to additional areas.

Some of these areas might be quite esoteric and specialised, aiming towards a specific and potentially lucrative segment of the market.

In any of these instances, maintenance of the website will be required to add and fit these additional sections or pages to the menu structure.

Promotions and incentives
Depending on the type of business, it might make good economic sense to introduce special promotions or other incentives to encourage visitors to purchase goods and services.

The adding and then removal of these offers will require resources to be deployed to website maintenance.

The actual work carried out on the website might be tasked to an in-house person or team or to an external web designer.

The increase in the use of content managed sites has meant that seemingly complex changes can be applied by person possessing little or no technical skills. This can reduce the costs of maintaining a website and also allow changes to be made quicker.