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Computerised Ledger Systems and Packages

Computerised ledger systems are commonplace and used extensively and often exclusively in the maintenance of  financial records for small businesses. Although the features within each package may vary, some of the common benefits might include those listed below.

Speed of Entering Data

Entering sales, purchases and other financial information using a computerised ledger package is generally faster compared if the task was carried out manually.

Standing data such as the current date may already be entered on the form and therefore will not require the user to enter it again.

Data Consistency and Integrity

One of the problems faced by people learning a computerised ledger package is that of treating like transactions in a similar manner (known also as data integrity). For example, regular purchases of stationery should be included together so that a yearly total can be calculated.

Manual books may require the turning of numerous pages of a ledger to ascertain where previous similar entries were made.

computerised ledger systems can allow for the easy and speedy retrieval of past transactions either through viewing an audit trial or by printing a standard report.

Greater Analysis Capabilities

Using built-in reports which typically come with computer based financial packages, a user can readily interrogate data to produce analysis of sales, purchases and overall profit and losses.

The features allowing for the creation of specialised reports may also exist so that the types of analysis can be extended and tailored towards the specific idiosyncrasies of the business in question.

Creating similar analysis with manual bookkeeping records requires detailed accumulation and presentation of raw figures, all within the framework of a process which may be susceptible to human error.