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Search Engine Optimisation Tips and Techniques

Much has been written on search engine optimisation and many commentators have provided SEO tips and techniques on how to implement a plan that the have positive effects of the ranking of a small business start-up website.

This particular article will not regurgitate many of the elements covered before in numerous other lists, it will focus on a few two less talked about search engine optimisation techniques which will help a beginner in their quest for a better understanding of SEO based marketing initiatives.

Patience in SEO

Before a business start-up should engage in any SEO work and have any expectation of results, they should first of all ask themselves whether they have the necessary patience for this area. This demeanour is essential in search engine optimisation as good results can take many months or even years to achieve.

Many of those who engage some form of SEO strategy fail because they are used to a world of instant action and results and can not except that this area exists according to different rules. They therefore continually tweak and make changes to their search engine strategy looking for an immediately meteoritic rise in rankings. Any drops in positions are interpreted that drastic action and serious measures are needed because something must be very wrong.

Search engines in fact have minds of their own and whilst a turbo boosted rise is improbably, a short term fall in position does not mean that something needs correcting.

The old saying “a watched pot never boils” is very relevant to SEO work. Once the website is optimised and the various other elements of a search engine strategy put in place, it is often best to then focus on some other aspect of the business.

Treat Everything as a Home Page

One common issue among those both experienced and new to search engine optimisation is the perpetual focus on the website’s home page. It is the one which is given most attention when designing the website and all efforts at aimed at it promotion.

For competitive search terms, putting the entire fortunes of business start-up website one a single page reduces the risk that it will become a major source of internet traffic.

It is often the case the there are numerous related search terms around the competitive one and there are people who will use them. The main phrase might account for say 35% of searches which leaves 65%, the majority of secondary terms which people will use.

By concentrating of some of the majoritive keywords for which the competition is frequently less, the business can appear higher in the search result and thus gain business.

Thus every page within a website should be optimised for the topic or area it relates to and the business start-up should treat it as if it wants to obtain all of the traffic for that keyword phrase.

With 80% of businesses chasing 45% of the search words, real opportunities might exist for focus of the second tier keywords and successfully attract many of these visitors.