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Recruiting Staff from External Sources

Recruiting Staff from External Sources

Finding and recruiting staff using external sources is a tried and tested means of securing personnel resources for a business.

Employing such methods might also allow the management to concentrate on the many other aspects of starting up the new venture and utilise their expertise elsewhere.

Recruitment Agencies

Recruitment agencies fall in to two categories. Those which provide general services to all or most industries and those which specialise in the employment of staff for specific fields or certain tiers within a business, for example executive recruitment consultants.

Approaching such as agency with specific requirements and tasking them to recruit such an individual would utilise their knowledge and contacts and remove the internal burden from management almost completely.

There would of course be an appropriate fee for such services.

Advertising for Staff

Advertising a vacant position is a common means of filling a human resource requirement within a business.

The form such advertising might take could vary in both its cost and coverage, whether local national or even international. Examples include:

  • Advertising in a jobs section on the business’ own website
  • National newspaper advertisements
  • Local newspapers ads
  • Specialised trade magazines
  • Professional body media, for example the Federation of Master building newsletter
  • Flyers in local supermarkets
  • Jobs and employment websites, for example
  • Word of month, for example, the management could ask current staff if they know of any suitable persons for available positions

Ideally, a start-up business would be fully staffed and resourced from day one, but where financial constraints exist, the entity might be forced to proceed without key personnel in the interim period.

When sufficient resources become available and the costs of hiring can be justified, a fresh recruitment campaign could then be initiated.