Complete Business Startup

Online Website Advertising and Marketing

The extent to which a website will be advertised and marketed online will depend on how important it is judged to be in the context of the whole business. If the primary function of the site is that of provide basic information to outsiders then the marketing effort might be low and deemed to be a lesser priority.

In such a situation, it might be enough for the site to be place well when someone types in the name of the business in the search engine.

For other new businesses, especially those involved solely or predominantly in e-commerce activities, their whole view of website online advertising and marketing might be completely different.

Achieving good online listing for a range of keyword search terms might make the difference between profit and loss for them. They might choose to use advertising programs such as Google Adwords or Yahoo’s Overture in order to make an immediate and controllable website presence.

In addition to search engine marketing, businesses might seek to have their website listed on other relevant domains where their potential customers have been shown to visit.

An example might be that a stationery supplier might seek an advertisement listing on a company formation site. They might believe that after registering a company, the directors will want to have stationery and business cards printed.