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Established Websites for Sale

Website Name: Established Websites for Sale 
Website URL: 
Name: Andrew Fitzgerald 
City: London

What is your website / business about?

The site provides business opportunities where people can earn extra income running your own website. There are facilities available to work from home and an established network of support is available.

There are complete ecommerce companies for sale that might provide a good investment opportunity for those considering business start up.

The list includes everything from an online travel company to an electronics business selling all the latest handy gadgets. The entrepreneur’s role typically involves marketing the website for which they will receive commission for every item sold.

It is not normally necessary to hold stocks of items as these can be supplied on demand. In addition no web design experience needed as full marketing and internet support given via a forum.
Tell us about the development of your business and website. Where the idea came from, how long did it take and so on?

The business started with the commission of web design projects and selling various services on the internet. The idea of selling ready made companies coupled with our experience of SEO suggested that new companies could achieve high search engine rankings and hence, provide an easy, more focused route to starting a new business.

The company has enjoyed tremendous growth with month on month increases in the number of entrepreneurs joining the network of sellers.

Offer a full compendium of marketing services such as web design, web hosting and SEO services enables people new to the market to utilise our expertise and achieve their objectives at an accelerated rate.

What are the most rewarding aspects about your business / website and do you think it was worth the effort?

The most rewarding part of the business is retaining happy clients. The goal is to have each one 100% confident and secure with the service and support they receive.

Although the work very hard and covers approximately 12 hours a day, we feel that it is worth it, as we know we have a very successful business that we enjoy doing.

Our clients are our bread and butter, so we know how important they are which is why we give them our full attention and all the support they need.
Where would you like your business to be in five or ten year’s time?

A well known company offering many different internet services, we want to be known for selling good business opportunities, web design and web hosting services.

There are plans for us to become a renowned and well respected search engine optimisation business, internet gurus if you will.

There are also new businesses which we hope to launch in the future as diversity is a key part of our strategy and focus for the years ahead.