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Offshore Company Formation

What is your website / business about?

Our business provides offshore companies to visitors in some of the world’s most well known jurisdictions. Offshore Company Formation utilities its local contacts in each area to set-up companies which comply with the colloquial laws and regulations.

Customers are this able to form offshore companies in jurisdictions in complete comfort knowing that each formation is being carried out by the appropriately qualified professional with experience and skills in provide these types of services.

Tell us about the development of your business and website. Where the idea came from, how long did it take and so on?

Developing the business required that extensive research was carried out on each of the many jurisdictions which offer facilities to register offshore companies. Not all of these were chosen to be part of the final offering, as factors such as political stability, exchange controls and the availability of good local facilities was an important factor.

Once the bank of research was completed, contact was then made with specific individuals within the chosen organisations and the propositions put to them. There was generally widespread agreement to our plans to form offshore companies with these agents.

In terms of the offshore company formation business model, plans were hatched to provide comprehensive packages and facilities which included registered office and agent services and local set-up costs and of course the ability to incorporate offshore companies within a few days.

What are the most rewarding aspects about your business / website and do you think it was worth the effort?

There are many rewarding aspects involved in setting up Offshore Company Formation. Firstly, the manner in which the initial plans were received by the experienced registration agents suggested that the business models presented were on the right track and that the proposition was a viable one.

This provided some important encouragement that the procedures for the formation of the offshore companies could occur smoothly and professionally.

Secondly, the fact that quite a complex plan for an offshore company formation service could be translated from theory to practice was very rewarding. The fact that this involved pulling together several of distinct and varying elements together, some of which were based in remote areas of the world was a extremely satisfying accomplishment.

The third and perhaps the most rewarding aspect was in being able to provide a simple mechanism for incorporating offshore companies to visitors who had no prior knowledge or experience of how or where to begin.

The current offerings allow a virtual novice the opportunity to own an offshore company without the requirement that they must have detailed understanding of how the formation takes place and what information is required.

The creation of the website, offshore packages and the business in general was certainly worth the effort which was required to make it a success. As with most new business start-ups, there are times when the idea seems as if it will never lead to a success. Provided that entrepreneurs can find solutions to the issued faced and persevere then that can make the all important difference.

Overcoming difficulties can lead to a greater sense of accomplishment once the business is launched.

Where would you like your business to be in five or ten year’s time?

There are plans to expand both the number of offshore jurisdictions offered and also the range of services provided within each one. Within five years, it is hoped that Offshore Company Formation will be one of the premier businesses for offering offshore companies to the public.

There are an abundance of ideas but as always, management time and financials are the main constraints in moving all of these projects forward at once.

A continual review and appraisal process is now a firm part of the mantra of the business and one by one new services will be launched, all with the objective of dispelling the belief that offshore companies are only in the domains of the wealthy.

Offshore Company Formation wants to bring the extensive advantages of this type of business entity in to the realms of all those who might benefit from offshore companies.