Complete Business Startup

Submission Guidelines

How to Submit Your Site to Complete Business Start-up

  • Complete Business Start-up welcome requests from quality websites to have their URL displayed within our pages.
  • A link to your website will be placed on a page which will be accessible from every page of this site. In addition, a dedicated page will also be provided where your responses to our questions will be displayed.
  • You are free to add links within you text to both your home page and to other pages within your site.
  • All links must be to the website you are describing and not external sites.
  • Please use normal sentences with correct punctuation and spelling. Avoid excessive capitalisation and words such as best, greatest on so on.
  • Please remember that your replies are for the benefit of our visitors and therefore, you should seek to provide some insights in to both the challenges and benefits of starting a business.
  • Adherence to the above guidelines will enable us to list your site quickly and without the need to for excessive editing or time on our part.
  • No sites featuring any medications, adult material or investment information will be listed.