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Articles 7, Starting a Small Business - Start-up Your Own Business - Company Formation
Articles 7, Starting a small business guidance, advice on how to start your own home or internet based business. Complete Business Start-up, company f

Sourcing Supplies from Overseas - Complete Business Start up
Sourcing suppliers from overseas can provide cost savings to a business start-up at a time when finance is stretched. Language barriers and other pote

Building a Website for a Start-up Business
Building a website for a start-up business involves determining the main functions which it will serve. It also needs to decide on how much money it w

Online Communication with Website Visitors
Online communication with website visitors might help customers associate the business with certain products. Electronic newsletters require good cont

Planning a Business Website
The planning stage of a website is one of the crucial stages of its development. Having a clear structure and logical navigation can help visitors fin

Social Media & Networks for New Start up Businesses - Complete Business Startup
The use of social media and networks such as Facebook & Twitter for new start up businesses can bear substantial advantages as a means of generating n

Advantages of Being a Small Business - Complete Business Start-up
Small businesses are often in the beneficial position of being able to respond better to customer�s individual needs than their larger counterparts. R

Pricing Decisions and Contribution
When deciding whether to accept an offer to supply more products or services, the contribution which these extra units will make could be a significan

Contribution - Complete Business Start-up Definitions
Contribution is the financial term used to describe the additional money which can be used to cover business overheads generated from the sale of one

Break-even - Complete Business Start-up Definitions
The break-even point is a state where a business is neither making a profit or a loss. Addition items sold after reaching the breakeven point should r

Indirect or Overhead Costs in Contribution Pricing
Indirect and overheads costs, once they have been incurred, are irrelevant in a pricing decision based on the contribution additional sales will make

Business Start-up Realism - Being Realistic When Starting a Business
Being realistic is important when starting a new business. Plans based on unrealistic assumptions and goals often lead to failure whereas adopting a s

Calculating the Break-even Point
Calculating the break-even point can be a useful exercise for a business to undertake. The value, although theoretical, can provide a basis for the bu

Credit Crunch and Small Business Start-up Bank Accounts
The credit crunch has begun to affect the availability of small business start-up bank accounts as the mood among financial institutions changes towar

Diversification - Having Several Businesses - Spreading the Risk in Business
Diversifying by having several businesses is a means of spreading the risk of one operation failing. Diversification and risk should be considered at

SWOT Analysis - Strengths - Weaknesses - Opportunities - Threats
SWOT analysis is a useful business tool for identifying the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Using SWOT can help focus on factors whi

Finding Accounting Services for Under £1000 - Complete Business Start-up
Finding an accounting service for under £1000 is a challenging proposition for a small business start-up. We explain why this is so and how some accou

Google Adwords for Business Start-ups
Google Adwords gives business start-ups the opportunity to achieve widespread and immediate exposure of their website. Google Adwords vouchers provide

SEO Strategies for a Small Business Start-up - Search Engine Optimisation
Search engine optimisation can provide a useful marketing tool for a small business start-up. SEO on a business website can be carried out in-house or

Online Website Advertising and Marketing
A new business might choose online advertising and marketing to progress its e-commerce activities, using Adwords, Overture or listings on relevant an third party sites.