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Sole Trader - Complete Business Start-up Definitions
A sole trader is an unincorporated business entity usually owned and run by the same person. The process for sole traders to start-up is usually simpl

Limited Company - UK Limited Companies
A limited company is a business entity which exists in its own right. UK limited companies are incorporated entities which continue in existence shoul

Partnership - Complete Business Start-up Definitions
A partnership exists when two or more person join together in order to carry on a trade for their mutual benefit. Most partnerships have a deed govern

Balance Sheet - Fixed Assets - Current Assets - Liabilities
A balance shows the assets owned by a business and the liabilities which it must repay. The value of some of these items may be easy to determine whil

Computerised Bookkeeping Systems - Bookkeeping for Small Businesses
Computerised bookkeeping systems offer small businesses several advantages over keeping manual books and records, including built-in error checking fa

Manual Accounting Systems for a Small Business - Keeping Manual Records
Manual books and records are still used by small businesses to provide a cheap and simple method of recording business transactions and require little

Computerised Ledger Systems and Packages for Small Businesses
Most ledger systems purchased today are computerised allowing users to enter data quickly. They provide greater analysis capabilities and data integri

Accounting & Bookkeeping - Necessary Evils of Business
The functions of accounting and bookkeeping are often viewed as necessary evils to a business. Whilst not useful to a business, they are required by t

Computerised Accounting Systems - Accounts packages for a Small Business
Computerised accounting systems can provide benefits such as being able to integrate with other programs. An accounts system may also have backup and

Business Appraisals and Assessments - Carrying Out a Business Appraisal
Constantly assessing and appraising ideas is an important when starting a business. Assessment and appraisals lead to timely corrective action and can

Guidelines for Carrying Out a Business Appraisal and Assessment
Carrying out a business an appraisal of a business idea might be done informally with friends and family. Alternatively colleagues and other professio

Cash Flow Forecasts - Cash Projections for Starting a Small Business
Cash flow forecasts are often used to demonstrate the financial viability of a new business and to attract investors. Cash flows over several years ar

Forecasting Income - Expenditure - Earnings - Revenues - Profit and Loss
Forecasting income, revenues and expenditure levels allows a start-up business to predict when it will begin to earn profits and when any loss making

Statement of Objectives
A clear statement of objectives can communicate to others what the ambitions of a business are, as well as help to focus start-up enterprise on moving

Competitor and Competition Analysis for a New Start-up Business
Conducting an analysis of competitors can be a useful exercise when considering starting a new business. Undertaking competition analysis may reveal b

Customer and Market Analysis for a New Business
Carrying out research and analysis of the key players in a proposed market can give the business an understanding of the sorts of environment it will

Forming Alliances and Strategic Partnerships - Business & Financial Considerations
Most businesses received offers to form alliances and strategic partnerships with other third parties. Some of the business, financial and contract co

Products and Services of a Start-up Business
Products and services provide information on what the start-up business will sell. Details should be understandable but also protect sensitive busines

Location and Premises for Start-up Businesses
Locating and securing the premises might present problems for a start-up business. Regional development schemes may provide a solution if the location

Market and Industry History Analysis for a Business Plan
Conducting a market and industry history analysis can demonstrate that the management of the start-up business have an understanding of the market the

Recruiting and Employing Staff from External Sources
There are a variety of external sources available for a start-up business to recruit new staff. These include jobs websites and local and national new

Staff and Recruitment Issues when Starting a Small Business
Staff and recruitment planning is important when starting a small business. Ensuring that employment practices provide adequately skilled staff at the

How to Start a Small Business - Practical Guidance and Information
How to start a small business is written by the visitors to this website and seeks to provide practical information for those considering setting up a

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Articles 10, Starting a Small Business - Start-up Your Own Business - Company Formation
Articles 10, Starting a small business guidance, advice on how to start your own home or internet based business. Complete Business Start-up, company

Virtual Office - Virtual Office Services for a Small Business Start up
Virtual office services can provide a small business with a range of facilities including mail forwarding and telephone answering. Virtual offices als

Working from Home - Taxation Aspects of using a Home as an Office for Business
When working from home as part of a business a use of home as office allowance might be claimed. The taxation effects might include the principle priv

Using your Home Address for Business - Disadvantages
Using a home address might have some disadvantages such as been the business being seen as small by customers and suppliers. It may also result in cus