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How to Start a Small Business

If You Have Done, Tell Us How

This section is written by visitors of Complete Business Start-up. People are encouraged to describe how they started their small business and where they see it heading as they look towards the future.

The purpose of these pages is to provide real life experiences for the benefit of other visitors who are considering starting their own business.

We hope that some of these personal experiences can be a valuable information source and also serve as a motivator to those currently undergoing the process of setting up a new business.

  • Business Cash Advance - Gary B from Business Cash Advance talks about how his company aids small businesses with their money flow requirements. He also discusses how he gains satisfaction from helping new ventures during the periods when their finances are stretched and how he plans to expand the service in the future.

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  • Company Formation India - George from London describes the development of his company formation activities in India and talks about his ambitious plans for global expanision.

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  • SPI Training and Consultancy - After a thorough planning circle, Steve Stovell gives a real account of his experiences launching a training business.  With ambitions for major growth over the next five years, he focuses on the cost savings which he hopes to deliver to his customers.

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  • Established Websites for Sale - Andrew Fitzgerald provides insights into a new idea for business start up candidates purchasing a ready made company, complete with website. Discussing what can be achieved with strong marketing, SEO and web support services, he talks about how the business seeks to enhance its reputation.

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  • Black Hair Planet - Dena Rice from Memphis describes how small start-up companies are able to market their products through her website and forum and talks about here plans to become a leading ethic portal.

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  • YCV Business Telecoms - Shahid Ahmed demonstrates his true entrepreneurial nature as he recollects his journey to find a suitable product to meet his business start-up ambitions. In addition, he looks to the future and discusses the next stage in his plan of achieving full independence and greater rewards for his efforts.

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  • Polaris World - Jack talks about his ambitious start-up which centred on offering luxury Spanish properties and five start amenities. It was certainly an difficult venture, bit by Jacks account, a very worthwhile one.

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  • Offshore Company Formation - Paul Manion provides a comprehensive account of how he researched and formulated a strategy for the launch of an offshore companies division. Being part of an already successful business, Paul was driven by the desire to add more choice to their current range of services.

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